You don’t need to have any prior experience of horses to enjoy the benefits of Equine Therapy!

Equine Therapy is a fun and effective way to get a better understanding of yourself through interacting with horses.  Horses don’t judge or criticise, but provide instant and honest feedback by responding to the non-verbal signals we give them.

You will be encouraged to interact with our gentle herd of horses, perhaps by watching and recognising certain behaviours, groom (brush) and see them physically relax. This can also then have a positive relaxation effect on you. The opportunity to lead or direct the horses around the centre can help with self- confidence, decision making and problem solving.

Our sessions encourage personal growth in self confidence and self-esteem.  They can also help clients overcome symptoms of depression and assist them in dealing with anxiety and stress.  Behaviours caused by issues of anger management and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can also be addressed.

We are also passionate about working with adults who have been diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum.