PonyWise is where children learn that having a pony is not all just about riding!

They learn how to look after the pony, how to tack up, what different parts of the horse are called and much more.  We believe a more holistic approach to horsemanship makes for a better, more confident rider.

PonyWise is our unique way of learning whilst having fun.  Children will be awarded certificates as they work through the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.  Some of our certificates also offer the opportunity to learn about some of the other animals we have at the centre – including our goats, sheep and alpacas – as well as gaining an understanding of the natural environment they live in.

All our PonyWise sessions are tailored to suit the age and ability of the rider.  We only work with a maximum of 2 children per session, ensuring your child gets the most from their time at the centre.