Alfie’s Antics

by Aviva Stafford


Aviva with cheeky chappy Alfie.  Photograph by Jess Yarwood Photography

Alfie arrived at Freedom Equine Centre four months ago with Roux, his life-long pal. He has settled in very well and seems to have become very good friends with Thunder, the ‘boss’ horse. At first, Thunder would chase him and Roux round and round just to make sure they knew he was in charge. But Alfie seems to have found the way to Thunder’s heart… by itching his hocks for him! Now they are firm friends.

But Alfie hasn’t forgotten his old pal, Roux. Oh no… still partners in crime, they have many play fights out in the field and have had fun tearing holes in each other’s rugs! He tried tearing the other horses’ rugs for them but they don’t seem to appreciate it quite as much. After a hard day’s work, Alfie’s favourite thing (once he’s eaten all his food that is) is to run around the field with Roux. Then he will find the muddiest patch he can and have a good roll in it, colouring his torn-up rug a beautiful shade of brown. This means that next time he comes in for work, he’ll get lots of lovely brushing first!

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